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Gean Tremaine


As the president of Q-Tran, Gean Tremaine is responsible for leading the company, communicating the vision, hiring the right people, implementing the best systems and processes, and cultivating the company’s culture.

Gean attended the College of Charleston and Boston University, then worked for Stran & Company before joining Q-Tran in 1998.

In his career with Q-Tran, Gean is most proud of his realization that the company needed to pivot—with transformer demand diminishing and the industry demanding that LED power supplies be married to the lighting, Gean found the right products and vendors then successfully launched the product in a phased approach over several years.

Gean prides himself on understanding people and knowing how to get the best out of everyone. He strives to make progress every day, with the full knowledge that moving forward does not always happen in a straight line.

Gean is the proud father of three amazing girls and the lucky husband of an amazing wife. He enjoys running, skiing, golf, reading and philanthropy (he was the past chair of the Tremaine Foundation), but mostly going to his girls’ sporting events, including squash, basketball, lacrosse, softball, field hockey, and biking.

Gean and his family live in Fairfield, CT, with two dogs, and around six chickens.

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