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Phil Girard

VP of Business Development

Phil Girard joined Q-Tran in 2006 and is responsible for OEM programs, the distribution program, the WC facility, and California-based sales reps.

With more than 14 years as part of the Q-Tran team, he is proud to have helped grow the company from a power supply company to a full-on lighting company, including closing Q-Tran’s first-ever large LED order.

His greatest strengths are relationship-building, problem-solving, forward-thinking, and hard work

He strives to be supportive of his wife, who also has a very demanding career, encourage his kids to be the best they can be, continue to build relationships, work hard, and have as much integrity as he possibly can.

Phil lives in Long Beach, CA, with his wife of 10+ years and three “crazy” boys. He loves baseball and the New York Yankees and enjoys working out, going to the beach, hiking, and coaching his kids’ baseball team.

Personal motto: Have fun, enjoy life, help others, and be me.

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