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How can I reset my device without a connection?
Each individual Wi-Fi or Bluetooth controller can be reset by holding the "Q-Button" for more than 5 seconds.

What are the Wi-Fi requirements of the SCENE-WIFI?
For the SCENE Wi-Fi to connect it is required to have a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection with either no encryption, WEP, WPA/WPA2, or WPAPSK(2).

How do I disconnect/reset a device?
A device can be reset by either holding the "Q-button" for more than 5 seconds or by going into the device settings and pressing "Remove Device".

What Q-Tran Lighting products are compatible with each device?
Any Q-Tran led strip or linear fixture using one of these light engines:

STATIC WHITE: SW24/1.5, SW24/3.0, SW24/4.0, SW24/5.0, SW24/6.0, SW-HE24/1.5, SW-HE24/3.0, SW-HE24/6.0, SW-HE24/9.0, SW-HE+24/3.0, SW-HE+24/6.0, SD-SW24/2.0, SD-SW24/4.0, SD-SW24/6.0


DYNAMIC WHITE: DW24/6.0, DW-HE24/3.0, DW-HE24/5.0, DW-HE24/8.0

RGB AND RGBW: RGB24/6.0, RGBW24/6.0, RGBW-HE24/4.0, RGBW-HE24/8.0

The fixture stopped flashing during pairing but didn’t connect, what is going on with it?
The connection most likely timed out. The user should hold the "Q-Button" again to reinitiate paring mode. If using Wi-Fi, ensure that you have correctly entered your SSID network name and Password.

What is the longest distance possible for the App to control a Bluetooth Fixture? 
Exact distances may vary due to individual situations and obstruction placement, but we recommend no more than 60' in an open area and 30' in a home or environment with many obstructions or walls.

What are the benefits of each radio?

Bluetooth Wi-Fi
  • Does not require a Wi-Fi connection, can be set up anywhere
  • Utilizing Bluetooth Mesh can allow up to 32 nodes to be seamlessly controlled
  • Never connected to the internet, allows for an isolated lighting network.
  • Can be controlled from anywhere via the internet
  • Longer connection distance as long as device receives Wi-Fi signal
  • Compatibility and better discovery with Google Home and Alexa 


How can I reset my device through the app with a connection?
The device can be reset through the additional device settings screen. After removing device, the fixture will start flashing. Follow the standard instructions to add a fixture.

How to configure scenes?

  • Click the “Scenes” icon from the bottom of the home screen menu then press the “+” button in the top right of the screen.
  • Add tasks using the “+Add Task” button to add a scene, automation, delay or to control the lighting fixture
    Select the fixtures and their desired actions.
  • Name your new task, then select “Style” to add an icon or color to customize the action on your home screen and click “Save”.

How to configure automation?

  • Click the Automation icon from the bottom menu then press the “+” button in the top right of the screen.
  • Create a new automation by clicking “+ Add Condition” and then select a task, then click a condition, ex. “When weather changes” or “Schedule” to add a new condition to your automation. Add tasks using the “+ Add Task” button to add a scene, automation, delay, or control the lighting fixture and select the fixtures and their desired actions.
  • Name your new automation. Select “Effective Period” to select a region, effective period, or repeat to repeat the condition and then click “Save”.
  • Sunrise/Sunset control is found under Weather.

How to create multiple homes?

  • Navigate to "Account" on the bottom right and then to "Home Management".
  • Create a new home by clicking “+ Add Home”.

How to share devices with other users?
Select the "..." from any device to access device options.


What type of security is used for the device cloud interaction data?

  • Data encryption: AES-128 is adopted for data content encryption.
  • Authorization authentication: A unique algorithm provides multiple guarantees of interactive authentication, access control and effective authorization, such as connection authentication and authorization request, and instruction generation.
  • Dynamic key: One device with two codes and dynamic key and dynamic password, to ensure device security.
  • Transmission encryption: TLS1.2 data encryption transmission protocol and mutual mandatory authentication.
  • Secure chips: Modules support using the secure chip versions to have safe storage authorized information and encrypted key, etc.

What data centers are used for cloud interaction?
All data is kept within the US using Amazon Web Services for the US West and Microsoft Azure for the US East.

How does Q-Tran keep up with the latest developments in data security and compliance laws and regulations?
In terms of data security construction, we work with a sizeable team of professional information security experts and a comprehensive information security system, including the implementation of strict software development security and the construction of an advanced security attack and defense system.

In addition, our radios are tested by third-party professional security agencies to complete annual penetration tests and implement a high-value vulnerability bounty program to test the security capabilities of products and services.

For additional technical support, call (203) 367-8777 and select option #4 or email sales@q-tran.com.

Download SCENE:

Go the the App Store or Google Play Store and download the app. Make sure your phone is connected to your Wi-Fi network before getting started.