Round lens corner LED aluminum extrusion

The ARKA LED extrusion provides a wonderful 45-degree delivery of light when used in applications such as coves. The LEDs are in close proximity to the lens, creating a wide cutoff of 130 degrees. ARKA and TELA use the same corner extrusion profile, while ARKA has a round lens and TELA has a 90-degree lens. It is available in satin, black, and bronze finishes, and four lens options: clear, frosted, polar, and diffused. ARKA has two mounting hardware options; a stainless steel clip (compatible with the satin finish) and a plastic clip. Available in lengths up to 98.43".

ARKA is UL listed when assembled with Q-Tran's LED strips. NRTL listed for installation in storage areas with clothing. NEC Field 410.2 and 410.6 when ARKA is assembled as a fixture at the Q-Tran facility, with 4.0W/ft strip or less.

Technical Information


Satin, Black, Bronze


Plastic, Stainless Steel


Clear, Frosted, Polar, Diffused


UL, Closet Rated NEC 410.2 & 410.16, RoHS


SINGLE (1), Pass through (1), Not installed

Cut Off

Clear 130º



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