90-degree lens corner LED aluminum extrusion

The TELA LED extrusion is a 45-degree angled extrusion with a 90-degree angle lens shape typically used in coves, under-cabinet, over-cabinet, toe-kick, and under-tread stair applications. ARKA and TELA use the same corner extrusion profile, while ARKA has a round lens and TELA has a 90-degree lens. The LEDs are farther away from the lens than the ARKA extrusion, creating more direct-view diode-free results with a diffused lens. TELA's sharp cutoff is very helpful in under cabinet applications so you can flood the cavity with light without spilling light past the edge of the countertop. It is available in satin, black, and bronze finishes, and two lens options: polar, and diffused. TELA has two mounting hardware options; a stainless steel clip (compatible with the satin finish) and a plastic clip. Available in lengths up to 98.43".

TELA is UL listed when assembled with Q-Tran's LED strips. NRTL listed for installation in storage areas with clothing. NEC Field 410.2 and 410.6 when assembled as a fixture at the Q-Tran facility, with 4.0W/ft strip or less.

Technical Information


Satin, Black, Bronze


Plastic, Stainless Steel


Polar, Diffused


UL, Closet Rated NEC 410.2 & 410.16, RoHS


SINGLE (1), Pass through (1), Not installed

Cut Off

Clear 130º



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