Dynamic Color

Up/down & helical bend RGBW flexible encapsulated fixture

WURM-RGBW is a fully encapsulated flexible linear LED fixture suitable for your application that requires color or white light within the same LED. Because of its dry and wet rating, it is perfect for not only indoor use but also as outdoor accent lighting, especially when the light needs to be low-profile. WURM-RGBW encapsulates our 24-volt dynamic color RGBW LED strips in polyurethane. Offered in standard output (1.5W/ft) with color ranging from red, green, blue, and white light in color temperatures of 2700K and 3000K. Available in a clear finish, where diodes are visible. WURM-DW has a unique up/down and helical bend with a maximum recommended rotation of 1 rotation per 16". It is compatible with two different mounting hardware options, designed especially for WURM. WURM-RGBW is 1.5W/ft per channel and 6.0W/ft per total load.

For standard output, a clear finished WURM-RGBW fixture produces 99 lumens/foot in green.

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