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Side bend static color flexible encapsulated fixture

ZALA-SC is a fully encapsulated flexible linear LED fixture suitable for use in a variety of applications. It uses the same profile as BOXA, but with the LED mounted on the side. Because of its dry and wet rating, it is perfect for not only indoor use but also as outdoor accent lighting where fixture is visible. ZALA-SC encapsulates our static color 24-volt LED strips in polyurethane. Unique side bend with a 6" bending radius. Offered in very high output (5.0W/ft) and available in a clear finish, where diodes are visible, or a translucent finish, where light is diffused. Colors ranging from green, blue, red, and amber. Red and amber are turtle-friendly, FWC (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission) approved. This helps preserve sea turtles by not leading them away from the ocean as traditional white LEDs would. ZALA-SC is compatible with six different mounting hardware options and available in a seamless option, where wires are hidden, therefore not obstructing the look of the design. Utilize clear endcaps for continuous runs with no light loss.

For very high output, a clear finished ZALA-SC fixture produces 439 lumens/foot in green.

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