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UL Listed
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450-1150W at 12VAC or 24VAC

QTLT is a UL Listed tri-powered AC power supply, offering three separate transformers inside one enclosure. Q-Tran's QT product offering includes every feature and benefit Q-Tran's product development team could think of rolled into one interior power supply. The QTLT comes standard with five taps to allow the installer to fine-tune the voltages at the transformer to get as close to the desired voltage at the fixture as possible. Can be surface or recess mounted into a 2”x4” stud wall with the unique ability to install in any thickness drywall. The QT housings are available in medium and large. The medium has a capacity of up to 750 watts and can house up to two transformers. The large housing has a capacity of up to 1500 watts and can accommodate up to four separate transformers.

Technical Information

Environment Indoor (Dry)
Drive Magnetic
Output AC
Position Recessed, Surface Mount, Suspended
Dimming Options Phase