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60 or 120W at 12VDC | 100 or 200W at 24VDC

Q-SETs have a universal UL listing: For the first time a power supply receives not one but three listings: landscape lighting, pool & spa and low voltage luminaire power supply (for both indoor and outdoor) lighting. All Q-SETs are powered by extremely efficient toroidal transformers manufactured to run at 95% efficiency. This high efficiency conserves energy. No de-rating of the Q-SET is required as the model number indicates the total lamp load. Our Q-SET-eLED (electronic) is available in either 60 watt or 120 watt versions in 12VDC and 100 watt and 200 watt in 24VDC versions. Two LED Q-SET's fit inside the Q-VAULT-5.

All of the Q-SET products are designed to be mounted inside the Q-Vault-5 product which is an IP68 listed enclosure.

Technical Information

Environment Indoor (Dry), Outdoor & Landscape
Drive Electronic
Output DC
Position Direct Burial
Dimming Options 0-10V

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