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60-180W at 12VDC | 100-300W at 24VDC

QOM-eLED is Q-Tran's surface mount, exterior rated LED power supply center that utilizes Advance Xitanium drivers with optional 0-10V dimming modules for powering 12VDC or 24VDC constant voltage products. This product is the ideal solution for all 0-10v, or on/off, applications. 0-10V dimming provides PWM to the fixture for smooth dimming. With the ability to have 1-3 drivers, and 1-3 dimming modules in the same UL listed enclosure, the Q-Tran eLED provides answers for many different applications.

Technical Information

Environment Indoor (Dry), Outdoor (Wet)
Drive Electronic
Output DC
Component Thomas Research
Position Surface Mount
Dimming Options 0-10V