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QZ LED Driver Black
QZ LED Driver Black
30W QZ LED Driver
60W QZ LED Driver
96W QZ LED Driver
192W QZ LED Driver
288W QZ LED Driver


30-288W at 24V DC Power Supply

The QZ is a versatile Class 2 LED driver with dimmable or non-dimmable options. QZ30 can be controlled via phase dimming (forward or reverse) or 0-10V dimming. The Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) output provides smooth flicker-free dimming. When using phase control, a dimmer with a neutral is recommended. The driver has 24VDC constant voltage output and is available in 30W, 60W, 96W, 192W, and 288W. The housing is also listed for indoor or outdoor use.

Technical Information

Environment Indoor (Dry), Outdoor (Wet)
Drive Electronic
Output DC
Position Surface Mount
Dimming Options Phase, 0-10V, Non-Dimming