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Lume neon glow
Lume neon glow
Beam Angle


150° beam angle creates a three-dimensional glow

Fully encapsulated flexible fixture with up/down bending capabilities

Accentuate architectural details with three-sided illumination to create flexible and eye-catching lines of light.

  • Fully encapsulated flexible fixture that is illuminated on all sides
  • Perfect for interior and exterior applications
  • Offered in three different outputs: Standard Output (1.5 W/ft), High Output (3.0 W/ft), and Very High Output (5.0 W/ft)
  • Unique up/down bend with a 6” bending radius provides creative freedom to create eye-catching lines of light
  • 150° beam angle creates a 3D glow with ties to a retro aesthetic
  • Compatible with different mounting hardware options to ensure product fits any design need
  • Utilize translucent endcaps for continuous runs with no light loss up to a nominal 32' length

Technical Information

Color Temperature 2400K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K
Output Standard Output, High Output, Very High Output
Rated Dry, Wet
Flexibility Up/Down Bend
Lens Encapsulated Translucent
End Caps Translucent
End Caps (With Feed) Translucent endcaps 0" added at end
Connector/Wire - In/Out Bare wire 24", Barrel 6", Connector 6", Connector 24"
Type Single (1), Pass through (1)
Mounting White Snug Clip, Magnetic Clip, Low Profile Clear PC Mount Clip, Low Profile Clear PC Channel
Profile Dimensions Standard | 0.72" L x 0.53" H
Classifications UL Listed, RoHS, Declare
Warranty 5 year
  SO 1.5W/ft HO 3.0W/ft VHO 5.0W/ft
Color Temperature Lm/ft CRI Lm/ft CRI Lm/ft CRI
2400K 74 92 137 92 232 92
2700K 66 97 132 97 229 98
3000K 73 95 142 95 239 95
3500K 82 98 155 98 225 98
4000K 65 97 130 97 229 97