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96W at 24VDC

Q-SET+QZ-DMX is Q-Tran's direct burial and outdoor rated electronic power supply to be installed in our Q-VAULT-5 enclosure. A versatile Class 2 LED driver, the Q-SET+QZ-DMX is available with DMX capabilities. It features up to 4 channel outputs that can power static white, static color, warm dim and dynamic color LED products. The Q-SET+QZ is powered at 110-277V and provides a secondary voltage of 24VDC. It is available in 96 watt and is fully listed for direct burial use when installed in the Q-VAULT. Additionally, it is compatible with the Q-Tran NFC App for reading and writing DMX addresses and adjusting output voltage.

More About Q-SET+QZ-DMX

Technical Information

Environment Landscape
Drive Electronic
Output DC
Position Direct Burial
Dimming Options DMX