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VERS-Encapsulated (06)
VERS-Encapsulated (06)


UL Listed
Certified Wildlife Lighting
5 Year Warranty
Buy American Act Lighting
Declare Label Approved Lighting

Wet-rated VERSatile fixture encapsulated in polyurethane, providing protection from moisture, dust and dirt

•    Encapsulation is available in a clear finish where diodes are visible and lumens are greatest, or a translucent finish for obscuring the diodes and diffused light
•    Features integrated metal endcaps and durable anodized aluminum housings
•    Mounting options include a concealed or magnetic clip
•    With standard internal White Optics coating, fixtures achieve greater lumen efficacies
•    Consult factory for field assembly options


Technical Information

Watts per Foot 1.5, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, HE1.5, HE3.0, HE6.0
Finish Satin, Black, Bronze, White, Custom
Mounting Concealed Clip, Magnet
Rated Encapsulated IK10
Warranty 5 year
Photometric Performance Encapsulated Clear, Encapsulated Translucent
LED Light Engine Static White High-Efficacy, Dynamic White High-Efficacy, RGBW High-Efficacy, Static White, Dynamic White, Static Color, RGB, RGBW
Length Fixture length min 12", max 98.43" not including end caps. Consult factory for lengths under 12".
Lenses Encapsulated Clear, Encapsulated Translucent
Lumens per Foot 286 at SW 4.0 w/f
CCTs 2400K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K
Certifications UL Listed, RoHS, Declare. FWC
Compatible App SCENE Dongle
Connector Wire Bare Wire 24", Connector 24", Connector 6"
CRI 96-97 at 3000K
Environment Indoor/Outdoor
External Louver White Plastic, Black Plastic, Satin Anodized Aluminum Black Anodized Aluminum, White Powder Coated Aluminum, No Louver


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