Technical Information

Technical Information

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Q-Tran produces the highest quality Power Supply Centers and Linear LED Lighting in the industry. Our quality-control starts on the floor of our factory where every piece, no matter the size, is inspected before it’s assembled into our products. Founded in 1995 after a need in the industry for low-voltage transformers specifically designed for lighting, Q-Tran has grown into a company which offers 173 variations of Power Supply Centers (PSC). These PSCs are available in electronic and magnetic configurations, 12V and 24V versions, and AC and DC outputs. We are confident when we say, “we have the perfect product for you,” because our product lines are so versatile. Our shift into carrying Linear LED Lighting was a natural one, and we are continually refining and improving our products to give you what we are known for- reliability, efficiency, and exceptional customer care.

In the last 20 years, we have formed a relationship with UL which allows us the opportunity to have our new products tested with little turn-around time, and it gives us the advantage of bouncing ideas, no matter the size, off of the organization. This long-lasting relationship helps us produce great products that are remarkably quiet, extremely efficient, possess exceptional dimming capabilities, and are robust and reliable.

In 2008, we introduced the industry’s first IP68 Direct Burial Low Voltage Power Supply Center, winning the prestigious Awards.  Q-Tran has continued to lead the industry with unrivaled innovation ever since.  From our Power Supplies to our outstanding line of interior and exterior architectural LED Lighting, to our ability to dim fixtures below 1%, we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Q-Tran continues to collaborate with the industry’s leading developers and manufacturers, including being recognized as a Lutron Advantage OEM Partner and having several key international partnerships to expand Q-Tran worldwide.


Q-Tran follows the National Electric Code and UL Standards for Lighting Systems Operating at 30 Volts or Less.

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