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Innovation inLinear LED Lighting

T-BAR CLIPS Ovation Hollywood Case Study Q-TRAN AT LEDUCATION 2024 PERI AMA Sushi Case Study
NEW T-BAR CLIPS By popular demand, VERS, ALTA, TALO, and TRE3 now offer T-BAR clip mounting options that work with both tegular and flat dropped ceilings. Clips are available in both 9/16" and 15/16".
CASE STUDY Ovation Hollywood Arch Illumination: A Dazzling Transformation of an Iconic Landmark
Q-TRAN AT LEDUCATION 2024 March 19–20, 2024
Booth 1013/1015 | Grand Ballroom
PERI Ideal for shallow plenum spaces, PERI is compatible with multiple ceiling types, and its modular assembly allows the housing to be installed early with the light module snapped in after finishing work is complete.
CASE STUDY Award-Winning Lighting Design at AMA Sushi, Rosewood Miramar Beach
Linear LED Lighting

LED Illumination

Linear LED lighting can do more than illuminate a space. Q-Tran's low profile VERS, MICRO 5, TORQ, EMBD, LALO, and VEVE fixture families provide energy-efficiency, longevity, and versatility. Our encapsulated rigid fixtures have a distinct advantage for use in exterior facade, cove, and under cabinet applications.

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LED Lighting Systems

Power Supplies & Direct Burials

Q-Tran's extensive line of LED transformers, drivers, and power supply centers for low voltage lighting are designed and manufactured with the highest quality and perform with reliable efficiency. Explore an extensive selection of AC power supply and DC power supply options for interior and exterior linear lighting applications, including direct burials for landscape projects.

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Linear LED Light Systems and Solutions

For over 25 years, Q-Tran has been at the forefront of architectural LED lighting, providing the highest quality linear LED lighting solutions and LED transformers. Proudly American-made, Q-Tran's comprehensive LED light systems are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional, reliable, and efficient. Product offerings include LED strip lights and fixtures, extrusions, and LED transformers and drivers.

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