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Innovation inLinear LED Lighting

We're Declared We’re proud to announce that the vast majority of our lighting products now offer Declare labels.
QUOVA The QUOVA knife edge products are designed to open and expand a space by illuminating surface planes from one edge. Our small-scale, pre-made cove products blend seamlessly into architectural details and improve the openness and brightness of a space.
QUOVA STANDARD QUOVA can be installed early in the construction process, with light fixtures added after finishing work is
complete. This allows for a simple and fast installation.
QUOVA MICRO Light engines are hidden within the small pre-made coves, eliminating glare.
The Art of Grazing Wall grazing is a technique that adds character to any space – with directed light acting as the brush strokes that determine the focus, mood, and ambiance in an area. This makes it a powerful lighting tactic that delivers amazing results when done correctly.
Linear LED Lighting

LED Illumination

Linear LED lighting can do more than illuminate a space. Q-Tran's low profile VERS, MICRO 5, TORQ, EMBD, LALO, and VEVE fixture families provide energy-efficiency, longevity, and versatility. Our encapsulated rigid fixtures have a distinct advantage for use in exterior facade, cove, and under cabinet applications.

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LED Lighting Systems

Power Supplies & Direct Burials

Q-Tran's extensive line of LED transformers, drivers, and power supply centers for low voltage lighting are designed and manufactured with the highest quality and perform with reliable efficiency. Explore an extensive selection of AC power supply and DC power supply options for interior and exterior linear lighting applications, including direct burials for landscape projects.

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Linear LED Light Systems and Solutions

For over 25 years, Q-Tran has been at the forefront of architectural LED lighting, providing the highest quality linear LED lighting solutions and LED transformers. Proudly American-made, Q-Tran's comprehensive LED light systems are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional, reliable, and efficient. Product offerings include LED strip lights and fixtures, extrusions, and LED transformers and drivers.

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