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Wyoming Residence Designer: Helius Lighting
Maplewood at Southport Designer: Christian Rae Studio
Paci Designer: Roger Ferris + Partners
Expanded Offering

Q-CAP RGBW High-Efficacy

Create a technicolor world with our expanded line of Q-CAP fixtures now available in RGBW High-Efficacy. BOXA, KURV, and WURM in RGBW-HE provide a higher lumen output for nearly limitless design opportunities to highlight, outline, and color indoor and outdoor architecture with an extensive palette of RGB and white tones.

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FLEX Light Expansion

Our FLEX Light line of flexible fixtures has expanded to include higher CRI (90+) and silicone housings ideal for exterior applications. 

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VERS Asymmetric (09)

VERS Asymmetric features an extruded asymmetric lens with a proprietary diffusing agent that allows for light to be focused in a tight 45˚ beam that is shifted 30˚ off center. When surface-mounted, this high-performance fixture directs the light in an asymmetrical direction without having to angle the fixture, making it an excellent solution for illuminating artwork, signage, or even washing a ceiling detail.

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RGBW-HE is high efficacy dynamic color LED linear strip offering 285 lumens per foot at 3000K in 8.0W/ft. A total of 21 diodes per 2" cut point, 7 for RGB and 14 for static white, deliver more color and a more brilliant white. 

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TORQ, LALO, & VEVE Linear Fixtures

Fully assembled, customizable linear fixtures with light engines ranging from static white, high efficacy, dynamic white, static color, RGB, and RGBW. Offered in Flat, Optics, and Encapsulated.

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Linear LED Lighting Solutions for Every Project

For more than 25 years, Q-Tran has been at the forefront of architectural lighting design and manufacturing, providing the highest quality LED lighting and power supplies for the most exacting applications. Proudly American-made, our products are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional, reliable, and efficient. Don’t compromise on quality or precision—let Q-Tran turn your LED lighting visions into reality.

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