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45-degree angled corner LED aluminum extrusion

The VEVE LED extrusion is a 45-degree angled extrusion with a narrow beam cutoff, perfect for applications when the light needs to be flush in a corner. VEVE uses lens and stainless steel mounting clips that are shared with FLUR, LATO, and TORQ. VEVE has the same depth between the lens and the LEDs as LATO. Offered in satin and black finishes in five different lenses; clear, frosted, polar, diffused, and optical. Available in lengths up to 98.43”.
The VEVE is eligible in custom cut pieces, max length, and as a factory assembled linear LED fixture.

Technical Information

Finish Satin, Black, Bronze
Mounting Magnet Clip, Stainless Steel
Lens Optical, Clear, Frosted, Polar, Diffused
Classifications RoHS, Declare, Declare Red List Free
Type Not installed
Cut Off Clear 100º, Optical 20º, Optical 45º,
Patent # D799,066 S