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Reimagine projects with Q-Tran's latest innovations in architectural LED lighting.

Solutions made with you in mind - never compromising on quality or superior results.  

Afterall, in great architecture, details matter.



Impactful and highly customizable, the BOOM direct/indirect suspended architectural lighting fixture allows the ability to create lines, squares, rectangles, U-shapes, T-shapes, and grids. Decorative panels and end caps match any decor, and our vast assortment of LED light engines and optics make achieving perfect lighting design simple. BOOM houses two of our featured fixtures:  VERS in the downlight and OPTI as the uplight.

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Come to the dark side, bring the light


The new blacked-out Q-CAP family disguises in the curves of creative architectural designs.

  • 10" side-bend radius
  • Light engine options in static white, static color, RGB, RGBW, and high efficacy
  • Black plastic clips and mounting channels
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Full diffusion with physical durability

IK10 Fixtures

Encapsulated fixtures offer protection from moisture, dirt and impact, extending the life of the linear LED fixture. Full diffusion and precision light distribution ensure beautiful lighting for indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Polyurethane filled, high-quality aluminum housing
  • Encapsulation available in clear or translucent finishes
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Intuitive control, perfect ambiance

Warm Dim LEDs

Q-Tran's Warm Dim LED technology imitates the range of color temperatures expected from dimming traditional incandescent lighting. At full power, a bright task-oriented environment is created. When dimmed, the light becomes warmer, creating a more inviting atmosphere.

  • 12 diodes per 2” cut point: 6 diodes per CCT
  • 2 Chip technology allows for dual-color temperature ranges: 1900K-2700K or 1900K-3000K.
  • 6.0W/24VDC energy-efficient LED strip
  • Dry and wet rated
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ultra-slim rigid and flexible fixtures


At less than half the size of our standard fixture offerings, and profiles as small as a quarter-inch tall, the MICRO 5 ultra-slim series allow greater flexibility in architectural integration.

  • Rigid and flexible profile offerings
  • Perform with equivalent efficacy at approximately one third of the size
  • Ideal for applications where space is limited
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another dimension of VERSatility


As Q-Tran's first suspended linear fixture line, the VERS Suspension Kit puts our sleek VERS profiles front and center as the primary source of illumination.

  • 80Suspension Kit configurations allow fixture to be seamlessly incorporated into any interior
  • Create long, continuous lines of light with easy-to-use inline bracket and double feed joiner connectors
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micro 5 expanded offering


This high-performance profile kicks the light in an asymmetrical fashion without having to mount the fixture on an angle, making it a simple solution for illuminating under cabinets and in millwork.

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next generation of neon lighting


With eye-catching brilliance, a plethora of color options, and ties to a retro aesthetic, LUME makes any space feel simultaneously modern and neon nostalgic.

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Mobile LED Lighting App


Bring professional lighting into your space with SCENE - our first ever, easy to use, lighting control app.

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optically controlled beam patterns


OPTI directs the light right where you need it. Eight optically controlled beam patterns allow for seamless, continuous rows of indirect lighting for cove, ceiling, and perimeter applications. OPTI is available as a finished fixture, or can be field assembled by ordering separate extrusions and LED light engines.

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not the dating app


HINGE is an adjustable mounting accessory for Q-Tran rigid fixtures and LED extrusions. Offered in a variation of sizes, from small to extra-large, the fully assembled brackets can be locked into varying angles between 0° to 120°.

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expanded rigid fixture offering

Rigid Fixture Expansion

We are always striving to make specifying and quoting our products easier. Offering a simple-to-use single part number builder for fully factory assembled fixtures helps us to do just that, no matter what extrusion you choose. We haven’t changed the great quality and photometric performance you have come to expect from Q-Tran linear fixtures, just the ease of ordering them.

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