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Linear LED Fixtures Are No Ordinary Lines Of Light - Find Out Why

Linear LED Fixtures Are No Ordinary Lines Of Light - Find Out Why

It's time to let go of any preconceived notions of what LED Tape Light and the products associated with it are truly capable of.

Indeed, there are still quite a few products on the market that may only have adequate color rendering, mismatched LED chips and spacing, inconsistent binning and channels, or lenses that are best hidden from view. Otherwise, the lumen depreciation is too significant to validate their use on a project.

At Q-Tran, however, the continuing evolution of our Linear LED Strip, aka Tape Light, and the associated fixtures we make, are simple, smart, precise, and can beautifully enhance any lighting project.

High Quality Binning Delivers Best-In-Class Color Consistency From Fixture to Fixture

We utilize the highest quality 1-step, 1-bin LED chips, with very high 95-99 CRI and terrific TM-30 results that are extremely close to the Black Body curve.

 CIE 1931 Color Space
CIE 1931 Color Space

These LED chips are added to high-quality LED substrates with best-in-class electronics and manufacturing processes that yield terrific longevity results for both indoor and outdoor applications. We take it a step further by using the same LED chips and spacing with cut-points as small as 1" across a family of LED strips, guaranteeing you the same terrific results with unsurpassed color rendering and spectral distribution in the same finished fixtures across multiple outputs.

Q-Tran takes our origins as the original Low Voltage Lighting Power Supply Company very seriously. Our full line of Linear LED products are designed for compatibility with our industry-leading power supply offerings without being de-rated. These systems are capable of delivering smooth, flicker-free dimming below 1% with MLV, ELV, DALI, DMX, 0-10V, as well as with most third-party dimming systems.

Versatile Lighting Systems with Limitless Design Opportunities

Combined with in-house design rigid or seamless, flexible fixtures, terrific lenses and optics, ensure the best available results with astounding direct view diode-free results. Coupled with very high transmission rates and little to no color shift, both the specifier and installer benefit.  

Our latest fixture offering ranges from 12 Degree Grazers to 45 Degree Wall Washers, glare-reducing VERS Louver, the new VERS Asymmetric (09), and the Q-CAP Flexible High Efficacy Fixtures with over 600 delivered Lumens per foot in Up/Down Bending or Side Bending Fixtures.   

Additionally, with the recent introduction of our new High Efficacy LED Strip products and WhiteOptic Technology now available on many fixtures, Q-Tran fixtures provide even greater delivered lumens at lower wattages--making your projects even more efficient in tandem with lowering the total cost of ownership.

Truly, Q-Tran offers you limitless design options for Lines of Light that will enhance your upcoming projects.