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Highly efficient, long-lasting wire

Q-Wire was developed to fill a need in the industry for a highly efficient, long-lasting wire that would blend nicely with its surrounding environment while providing a 90°C temperature rating. One side of the wire is grey while the other is brown, allowing you to blend it just as easily against a tree as you would along slate. Our wire is UF-B, Class 1, NEC- Chapter 3; therefore, it is rated to be placed outdoors, underground, or inside a single-dwelling residential building.

Q-Wire has filled the valley between the conductors allowing the compression fitting to make a completely tight seal around the wire. No more water leakage with our wire. The Q-Wire temperature rating has been upped to 90°C vs. 60°C on standard LV wire, and we tin-coat our bare copper to prevent the wire from oxidizing.