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Black Kurv RGBW
Black Kurv RGBW


Red Green Blue White

Black flexible light fixture in RGBW with 10" side bend radius

Designed to be discreet. Bring dark surfaces to light with a flexible light source that blends in. 

  • The fully encapsulated black exterior provides optimal concealability for façade, ceiling, and outdoor applications
  • Features a disguised appearance with the same superior results as the standard KURV
  • A 10” side bend radius allows for even greater continuous lines of light perfect for illuminating dark contours and curves
  • Features a parabolic curve, which distributes asymmetrical light with an internal reflector
  • Perfect for interior and exterior applications
  • Compatible with precision-engineered black plastic clips and mounting channels 
  • Encapsulation is available in a clear or translucent polyurethane 
  • Optional seamless connections eliminate light gap

Technical Information

Color Temperature Red, Green, Blue, 2700K, 3000K
Output Standard Output
Rated Dry IP20, Wet IP67
Flexibility 10" Side Bend
Lens Encapsulated Clear, Encapsulated Translucent
Type Single (1), Single (2), Single (3), Single (4), Pass through (1), Pass through (2), Pass through (3), Pass through (4)
Dimensions Profile (Standard)
Mounting Plastic Clip, PVC Mounting Clip, 96' PVC Channel, and Custom Length PVC Channel
Classifications UL Listed, RoHS, IK10 Rated, Declare
SO Standard Output
  LM/ft Wavelength Circuit Wattage
Red 32 633 1.3
Green 95 513 1.5
Blue 28 464 1.5


CCT Lumen/ft CRI Ra CRI R9 TM30 Rf TM30 Rg Circuit Wattage
2700K 85 92 67 87 105 1.7
3000K 93 93 69 89 102 1.7