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Warm Dimming
Conformite Europeenne
UL Listed
5 Year Warranty
Declare Label Approved Lighting
UKCA Certification

527 lm/ft @ 3000k, 6 diodes per CCT with 2" cut point.

Intuitive control, perfect ambiance. Match the mood to the moment with Warm Dim LED technology that imitates the range of color temperatures expected from dimming traditional incandescent lighting. 

  • Compatible with a variety of Q-Tran extrusions
  • 12 diodes per 2” cut point: 6 diodes per CCT
  • 6.0W/24VDC energy-efficient LED strip
  • Dry and wet rated
  • 2 Chip technology allows for dual-color temperature ranges: 1900K-2700K or 1900K-3000K.
  • Over 500 delivered lumens at full brightness

Technical Information

Watts per Foot 6.0
Rated Dry IP20, Wet IP67
Lumens per Foot @ 3000k 527
LED Type 2 Chip 2 Wire Warm Dim
Cut Length 2.00"
LEDs per Cut Length 12
Compatible Power Supplies QZ, QZLP
Dimming Protocols 0-10V, Phase
CCT Range 1900K-2700K, 1900K-3000K
Color Temperature Lumen/ft Luminous Efficacy CRI Ra CRI R9 TM30 Rf TM30 Rg
2700K 506 89 Lm/W 97 96 93 99
3000K 527 93 Lm/W 97 98 92 98