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Dynamic Color

Side bend RGBW flexible encapsulated fixture

KURV-RGBW is a fully encapsulated, flexible linear LED fixture suitable for applications that require dynamic color and white light within the same fixture. The KURV housing is designed with an interior “parabolic” wall allowing the light to bounce off the housing more effectively, allowing the light to emit from the lens more efficiently. The KURV is available in either dry and wet ratings for indoor or outdoor applications. KURV-RGBW encapsulates our 24-volt dynamic color RGBW LED strip in polyurethane. It is offered in standard output (6.0W/ft total load) with red, green, blue, and either 2700k or 3000K white LEDs. It is available in a clear finish where diodes can be visible or a translucent finish where light is diffused.

Technical Information

Color Temperature 2700K, 3000K
Output Standard Output
Rated Dry, Wet
Flexibility Side Bend
Lens Encapsulated Clear, Encapsulated Translucent
End Caps Clear Endcaps, White Endcaps
End Caps (With Feed) White endcaps 0" added at end, White endcaps .32" added at end
Type Single (1), Single (2), Single (3), Single (4), Pass through (1), Pass through (2), Pass through (3), Pass through (4)
Mounting White Snug Clip, Rigid Lock Channel, Magnetic Clip, Side Graze Channel, PVC Mount Clip, Low Profile PVC Mount Clip, PVC Channel, Low Profile PVC Channel
Classifications UL Listed, RoHS, Declare
Patent # D863646 S; 10,619,828 B2
Color Temperature LM/ft Wavelength Circuit Wattage
Red 32 633 1.3
Green 96 513 1.5
Blue 28 464 1.5


Color Temperature Lumen/ft CRI Ra CRI R9 TM30 Rf TM30 Rg Circuit Wattage
2700K 87 92 67 87 105 1.7
3000K 96 93 69 89 105 1.7