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LED Power Supply 100W-200W
CSA Certified

  • Powerful LED power supply designed for DALI 2 applications
  • Utilizes a 100W constant voltage LED Driver from Thomas Research and DALI 2 DT-6 Decoders
  • Features a factory-installed Lutron Athena Wireless Node for simplified installation and programming
  • Power supplies and decoders prewired with terminal blocks for easy installation
  • Available in 100-200 watt capacity
  • Can be recessed or surface mounted for flexible installation options
  • Enables the creation of a complete Athena System when combined with Q-Tran lights and power

Technical Information

Size 100W, 200W
Control DALI-DT6-AWN-1, DALI-DT6-AWN-2
Prime. V UNV
Sec. V 24VDC
Color WH (Standard), BK
Certifications CSA, RoHS