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LED Power Supply - 96W
Declare Label Approved Lighting

  • A slender and versatile Class 2 LED power supply.
  • Can be controlled through phase dimming (forward or reverse) or 0-10V dimming methods.
  • The PWM output ensures smooth and flicker-free dimming.
  • Recommended to use a dimmer with a neutral wire when using phase control.
  • The driver provides a constant voltage output of 24VDC.
  • Available in a power capacity of 96 watts.
  • The QZ-STICK is listed for interior use
More About QZ-STICK-PH/0-10V

Technical Information

Primary Voltage Universal (120-277V)
Secondary Voltage 24V
Control Phase or 0-10V dimming
Wattage 96W
Color White
Wattage Primary Voltage Secondary Voltage Secondary Current
96W 110-277V 24VDC 1x4 A